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Way Out
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Hi you! *lambai tangan * dah lama I tak update blog. Wuwuwu I'm kinda busy now. Study, tuition, kerja kursus. Yes! kerja kursus belum siap! 1 apa pun belum buat. Hahahaha orang lain dah siap hantar, and me? -.- Yang study tu, k I lied :p hahaha. Busy with sleep and hangout :B hihihi. I think I want to rest during this holiday. But? I have to do much work T.T I hate my life! K forget about this terrible school holidays! Last week, I meet my Ryo :p hihih. He is very handsome with his tenuk hair! hahaha. Me and my lovely cousin Eka called it " tenuk hair " hahaha its very funny! And that time I was still malu malu meow :p He pull & touch my hair! And I hate it! No one can touch my hair, except me! Take a note -.- and there are some funny things happen. Hihihi I missed the moment so much. I plan this monday I'm going to meet my baby Yaya. Who want to join me?! JOMMM!!!! Jangan lupa halo-halo gua! :p Hahaha.
Sincerely, Syamina